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Lee Da Hae Debuts New Short Cut!

[2013-02-28 09:38:07]

【February 26=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】Actress Lee Da Hae has revealed a wonderfully charming new side of herself as she showed off her new short haircut. The actress participated in the “Actress Spotlight” corner in an issue of Marie Claire magazine that commemorated 20 years and showed off new colors and charms of the actress at hand. With this new haircut, Lee Da Hae epitomized the image of a chic and modern woman and received praise from everyone on set that “surely, this was a work done by Lee Da Hae”.

Up until this point in her career, Lee Da Hae has always played very feminine roles and only once ventured out into the land of boyish charm with a short cut. A photo shoot official revealed of the actress, “It is so incredible how fluidly she moves to create various unique images. We were able to see what was hidden behind her feminine side into more attractive qualities of her.”

For this shoot, Lee Da Hae was photographed by renowned photographer Jo Sun Hui for Marie Claire in black and white that captured the transformation that had taken place within the actress. Lee Da Hae’s boyish new look and questions regarding it will fully be released at the end of March.

Meanwhile Lee Da Hae is currently working on KBS 2TV drama “Iris 2” (Writer Jo Jyu Won, and producers Pyo Min Soo and Kim Tae Hoon) and has surprised many with her fierce and dramatic attitude in her character. She has successfully taken off the image of a girly and feminine lady and embraced the role of a tough and dominant female character.

A representative for Lee Da Hae’s management company, Forestar Entertainment, has said, “Lee Da Hae has been training vigorously at a high intensity 5-6 hours every day for three months leading up to the filming of the drama ‘Iris 2’ without any complaints. As the Sun continues to rise, so will Lee Da Hae’s acting prowess continue to be revealed.”(Photo=Forestar Entertainment / Marie Claire)