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“Best MC” Max Changmin Reveals His Inner Thoughts…?

[2013-02-21 10:15:36]

【February 4=KEJ Online News Team / Translator Eunbee Kim】Max Changmin, also known as the “BEST MC” from “Moonlight Prince” has expressed his own inner musings and thoughts.

Being an official MC of a variety show for the first time, Max Changmin has been shocking fellow members of “Moonlight Prince” with his quick and thoughtful remarks. During the taping of the third episode of “Moonlight Prince”, the younger MC wowed both the members and audience with his unexpected comment during a discussion involving happiness. “I need to be able to exercise restraint…but it just doesn’t work well for me,” he revealed to the surprise of many.

Gaining a reputation as a thoughtful man through his participation in “Moonlight Prince”, Max Changmin was asked, ‘Do you think you’ve been tainted?’, and confessed, “I think being on ‘Moonlight Prince’ has tainted me.” Tak Jae Hoon sent worried eyes to the younger star and commented, “What have you been doing that you’ve been tainted after only one week?”

Fans have been wondering what on earth the missed questions asked to Max Changmin have been, as well as if he will continue to make fastball remarks during discussions on “Moonlight Prince”.

On the other hand, “Moonlight Prince”, which first garnered much attention after featuring heroine Lee Bo Young from drama “My Daughter Seo Young” on its third episode, has been revealed to have taken measures to take the variety show to the next level. The producer has revealed, “The third episode is the turning point in which both the hosts and guests would have needed to do some studying beforehand to participate in the discussion,” and “The hosts at the beginning of the episode came in as people who would read books occasionally, but have really surprised producers as they have been reading and preparing very well for each episode so far.”

The third episode of “Moonlight Prince” featuring actress Lee Bo Young will be broadcast on KBS 2TV on February 5th at 11:10pm.

(Photo=Dramatic Talk)