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2AM Changmin gifts “Jack the Ripper” cast with food!

[2013-08-20 15:29:13]

【August 19=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】2AM member Changmin gifted the cast and crew behind the musical “Jack the Ripper” with food for their last performance.

Playing the role of Daniel in “Jack the Ripper”, Lee Changmin surprised the cast and crew behind the musical with pizza and kimbap on the 17th before their last performance.

Armed with kimbap and pizza from a new menu of a top Hongdae restaurant, Changmin made for a peaceful and enjoyable mood before the showing as he personally greeted everybody behind the scenes with the food.

Changmin shared, “I was really disappointed because this was the end of the performances, but I’m also really happy and thankful that I got to share the food with the amazing cast and crew”.

Meanwhile after the completion of “Jack the Ripper”, Changmin is to participate in the Music and Mobile project at the end of August.