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ZE:A’s Kim Taehyun succeeds at dieting before comeback!

[2013-07-31 15:16:36]

【July 29=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】ZE:A has released the jacket cuts of rapper Kim Taehyun.

ZE:A has been releasing one jacket photo per day of individual members since the 24th. On the 29th, the group released the sixth photo that was of rapper Kim Taehyun. In the photo, he is sporting a stylish jacket and cool hairstyle that conjures an image of a sexy man rather than that of a typical rapper.

Moreso, Taehyun initially looks as if he is smiling softly, but upon further study, the photo becomes sad and wistful. The image of the mellow Taehyun goes hand in hand with the “Phantom of the Wind” lyrics that accompany it reading, “You’re circling in my head”.

Taehyun has been especially drawing eyes as he shows off a slimmer body and a sharp V line with his chin; his slightly rounder self from before is already history. Taehyun succeeded in losing 10kg after taking up kickboxing and CrossFit workouts only a month prior to these shots. Ahead of ZE:A’s comeback, Kim Taehyun not only demonstrated his will-power and determination as an idol star, but his own perseverance and dedication.

ZE:A will be coming back on August 9th with the release of their new mini album “illusion” and single “Phantom of the Wind” with the expectation it’ll become a huge hit, and interest has already been growing for what role rapper Kim Taehyun will be playing next in this comeback.