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A-Jax Jaehyung shows off romantic rose magic!

[2013-07-24 15:47:14]

【July 23=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】Jaehyung of rookie group A-Jax has shared with the world his “rose magic”.

On the 22nd, online music portal site MelOn published interview video “I’M-A-Jax” through MelOn music stories. In the video, members shared tidbits and also introduced their second mini album “INSANE”.

Member Jaehyung was also in the spotlight after he replied “magic” when asked by a producer what he is crazed with. Jaehyung, to the surprise of fans and bandmates alike, burned a tissue rose only to have it transform into a real rose to make for romantic “rose magic”. Jaehyung melted the hearts of fans with with his laid-back demeanor and use of hand gestures and facial expressions even with a burning rose in his hand.

The MelOn music story “I’M” also shows A-Jax’s comical side in the interview with impersonations as well as never before seen behind the scenes footage.

Meanwhile A-Jax released their newest track “INSANE” on the 11th and are currently in the midst of promotions on music shows.