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After School Lizzy transforms into “marine girl”

[2013-07-25 16:07:30]

【July 22=KEJ Akane Okubo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Member Lizzy of girl group After School has taken on a new mystical charisma.

In a spread in the August issue of Tenasia’s “10+ Star” magazine, Lizzy was dressed in a cool blue and white dress with deep set eyes to make for a mermaid-like feel in the photo. She took to a new feminine appeal that is the complete opposite of her usual jolly look.

In the interview, Lizzy vented her frustrations of being unable to perform and participate in promotions for After School’s sixth maxi single album “First Love” this past June due to her leg injury. She also shared, “I was able to find strength from the encouragement of our fans” and “Those performances were some of the hardest I’ve had to go through, but I can say with confidence that they’ve made me stronger”.

After School’s interview will be available from the 24th in the August issue of “10+ Star”.