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Actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young dating!

[2013-07-05 14:52:19]

【July 3=KEJ Minja Kwak / Photo=KEJDB / Translator Eunbee Kim】Actors Won Bin (36) and Lee Na Young (34) have acknowledged the truth of their relationship. This morning, much attention was accumulated as an online romance magazine had posted photos of Won Bin and Lee Na Young going on a secret date. This source claimed that the two had gone on at least 8 dates before this isolated event and that Lee Na Young had also enjoyed numerous overnight dates.

The management company of the two stars recognized the truth in a press release regarding the truth of the rumors.

In the press release, the management company shared, “Won Bin and Lee Na Young initially became acquainted at projects or advertising work because they’re represented by the same company, and naturally began to fall for one another” and “Please help protect and respect their relationship as they are starting this relationship very carefully”.

Debuting in 96 with KBS “Autumn in My Heart” and continuing to become a top star in “Taegukgi” (03), “The Man from Nowhere” (10), and other works, Won Bin has enjoyed much love from fans over the years. Lee Na Young first debuted in a denim CF in 98 and has showcased her unconventional acting style in films and various screen projects as well.