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Daniel Choi transforms into a teacher? Second Japanese fan meeting for the actor

[2013-06-03 15:07:24]

【May 31=KEJ Akane Okubo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Actor Daniel Choi recently held his second Japanese fan meeting at the Tokyo Nikkei Hall on May 19th.

This visit to Japan served as a promotional visit ahead of the June release of the upcoming film “Traffickers”. Regarding the film, Daniel Choi shared, “Because all I have starred in previously was romance movies, it was especially fresh to read through this script. There have been many frustrating moments due to the fact that I don’t get to have much say in the roles I play. Since opening up in Korea, many of my fans have left me. I will try my best to keep from everyone changing their minds about me” with a laugh and shared more about his expectations and excitement for the release.

Reflecting on his past work, before starring in Japan, Daniel Choi began acting in “School 2013”. The actor also had to toil through many Korean language classes because of his role of Kang Se Chan in “School 2013”. “If you take a trip to Korea and say that it’s your first time, people are going to have sympathy on you,” he shared. The actor also revealed that something he says a lot in Korean is, “What?”, and “When I think of you, I get excited” to impress his girlfriend. “During the first half of my relationship with my girlfriend, my heart beats fast, but that feeling slowly simmers down. Couples that have dated for a while will remember their initial feelings and share those memories with each other,” he said.

The name “Dannyell” was also chosen for the previously unnamed Daniel Choi fan club on the day of the fan meeting. Daniel Choi shared, “I give my sincere thanks to everyone for taking part in the special naming of my fan club”.



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