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【Interview】Ahead of their Debut, New Male Group PURE

[2013-02-20 10:35:45]

【February 15=KEJ Akane Okubo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Male group PURE will be debuting into the music industry at the end of April of this year.

PURE is a group made up of five members: Soo Hyuk, Chan Hui, Ji Min, Jung Bin, and Young Hoo. The group is currently anticipating their debut after having been selected by an audition process run by legendary group Dong Bang Shin Ki and going through two years of training. PURE made their first appearance into the music industry with their first performance this past September. Looking back at this time when everything began, leader Soo Hyuk said, “We really weren’t able to prepare much for our performance last September. There were around 70~80 fans that showed up, as well. For our performance on the 10th in Japan, more fans showed up to support us and we were able to put on our best front as we had been able to prepare well for the concert.”

The group performed live on the 10th one of their covers of a Dong Bang Shin Ki track, “I Still Have You”, which will be released in late April when the group makes their debut. Chan Hui said, “We sang more girly songs like ‘Gee’ and ‘Mister’, but our fans still enjoyed it. There was a point where I even laughed during a song, but I’m glad it was received well by our audience.” Smiling, member Jung Bin said, “I’m really glad we were able to pull off a birthday surprise for Ji Min because his birthday is in February…I’ve always wanted to throw a towel or piece of clothing into the crowd during a performance. I actually threw a towel into the crowd, and received it back from someone in the audience who had caught it. Doing it for the first time made for a really happy moment for me.”

Already receiving much interest and attention from fans even before their debut, PURE said that the goal for their Japanese activities is “to perform in front of many many fans at the Tokyo Dome”. Chan Hui also expressed his desires and said, “Given the opportunity, we would love to be able to give lots of concerts. I want to continue to learn the Japanese language and be able to be featured on Japanese TV shows.” Currently, PURE is conducting regular shows in Myung Dong. After the interview, members personally shared their messages to fans in Japan.

Young Hoo
“It was such a blast and great experience being that this concert was our first performance in a very long time. Please be waiting for us as we will work hard to show even better sides of ourselves for our debut in April.”

Jung Bin
“Everyone has been waiting for so long, and I hope expectations were met with our performance. We will practice even harder and make sure everyone will see even better versions of ourselves next time. (In Japanese) I love you all.”

Ji Min
“Although a lot of hard work has been put into preparation for this performance, we are so thankful to our Japanese fans for being our support throughout everything.”

Chan Hui
“We have many faults and weaknesses as a new group, but we are so thankful for everyone’s love and support as we cross borders to a new country. We will come back with an even more charismatic image in April for our debut!”

Soo Hyuk
“To all of our fans who we are unbable to see because of the distance, we are so moved and thankful from the bottom of our hearts. Please wait for us as we complete our debut into Korea and return to Japan.” (In Japanese) Much love (laughter)!”