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Kara keeps promise with fans at fan meeting

[2013-06-13 10:23:00]

【June 12=KEJ Miwa Takahashi / Translator Eunbee Kim】Girl group Kara will be keeping a promise with fans by holding a surprise fan meeting recently.

On the 15th, Kara will be hosting the “Kamilia Day Anniversary Fan Meeting” with their official fan club Kamilia at the Gyedang Hall at the Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul Hongjidae.This fan meeting was only open to fans who had previously signed up for the fan meeting and consisted of “Kamilia Awards” for the 1000 people in attendance.

This fan meeting is a chance to celebrate the “Kamilia Day” that was decided upon at a previous fan meeting on June 11th, 2011. Revealing that every year on June 11 Kara members would work to thank the fans that have loved and supported them thus far, the group also held a fan meeting limited to 400 people to hold their promise and celebrate the day.

Even though the group is in the midst of busy schedules, this is an opportunity for the five Kara members to truly show their fans what they mean to the group and how much the promise made two years ago was worth. The “Kamilia Awards” show just how much thought and consideration went into this particular fan meeting as it is the most unique event held by the group so far, and will consist of Kara being the winners and the fans being the audience awards.

Meanwhile Kara is currently shooting for cinedrama “Secret Love”, directed by director Kim Kyu Tae if “That Winter, the Wind Blows”.

(Photo=DSP Media)


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